USB Rubber Ducky

USB rubber ducky looks exactly like a flash drive but works like a keyboard. It is used in the computer to give commands, to enter keystrokes and sometimes even to program malware i.e. viruses.

Within the field of cyber security, where defense and offense are foes of each other, gadgets like USB Elastic Ducky are utilized as effective instruments for both moral hacking and potential security dangers. This gadget, which looks like a little USB  drive, covers up a insidious mystery. It can moreover be utilized as a console and has the capacity to take after pre-programmed commands.

What is USB Rubber Ducky:

The USB Rubber Ducky is a device that looks like a flash drive but works like a keyboard. It can be programmed to insert keystrokes into a computer, execute commands, install malware, or perform other malicious actions. Most computers trust any device that identifies itself as a human interface device (HID).It takes advantage of this fact.

Why Use USB Rubber Ducky

The USB Rubber Ducky is a device that looks like a flash drive but functions as a keyboard. It can deliver powerful payloads to hack into systems, steal data, or inject malicious code. It cannot be detected by any anti-virus or firewall because it is identified as a Human Interface Device (HID).

Types of USB Rubber Ducky:

There are different types of USB rubber ducky devices, depending on the manufacturer, the microcontroller, the memory, the case and features.

1.Original USB Rubber Ducky:

The original USB rubber ducky manufactured by Hak5, featuring a 60 MHz AT32UC3B1256 microcontroller, 128 KB of flash memory, a USB-A connector, and a flash drive case. It can be programmed with a Java encoder or a web-based compiler. that allows it to emulate a keyboard, enabling the execution of predefined scripts at an astonishing speed.

2.USB Rubber Ducky Twin Duck:

It is built by the Digi Spark USB development board, which consists of a 16.5 MHz ATtiny85 microcontroller, 8 KB flash memory, a micro USB connector, and a bare PCB. It can be programmed with the Arduino IDE or a Python encoder.


Malduino, which has a 16 MHz ATmega32U4 microcontroller, 32 KB of flash memory, a micro SD card slot, a micro USB connector and a flash drive case. It can be programmed with the Arduino IDE or a web-based compiler. It has two modes: Elite and Lite. Elite mode can store multiple scripts on the SD card and switch between them with a single button.Lite mode can store only one script on flash memory.

This is an open-source alternative to the USB Rubber Ducky. Malduino is built on the Arduino platform. This makes it highly customizable and attractive to those who prefer a DIY approach to penetration testing. It is designed to simulate a keyboard. and shares the fundamental capability to execute payloads.


USB Rubber Ducky devices typically share common specifications:


Most Rubber Ducky devices are powered by an ATMega32U4 microcontroller, which allows programming and keystroke injection.


With sufficient onboard memory, these devices store scripts and payloads for various attack scenarios.

3.Scripting Language:

USB Rubber Ducky uses a simple scripting language that enables users to define sequences of keystrokes, delays, and commands. This scripting language is very easy to learn, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced professionals.


1.Penetration Testing:

The USB Rubber Ducky is a useful tool for security professionals and ethical hackers during penetration testing. It helps identify and repair potential vulnerabilities in computer systems by simulating real-world cyber threats.

2.Security Awareness Training:

Organizations use USB rubber duckies to conduct security awareness training to demonstrate the risks associated with plugging in unknown or untrusted USB devices. This helps educate employees about potential hazards and promote safety awareness.

3.Automated Tasks:

Beyond security testing, the USB Rubber Ducky can be used to automate repetitive tasks. By scripting a series of keystrokes, the device can quickly execute commands, streamlining various processes.

1Our Pick
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Pro: is a versatile tool for performing a wide range of tasks.
3.Useful to accomplish the goal of fortifying the system against threats
1.Potential Misuse
2.Limited Defense Mechanisms
3.Legal and Ethical Concerns

The USB Rubber Ducky, with its simple and powerful capabilities, is a double-edged sword in the field of cybersecurity. Although it serves as a valuable tool for ethical hacking, penetration testing, and security awareness training, its potential for misuse underlines the need for responsible and lawful use.

Security professionals should use this tool judiciously, recognizing its strengths and limitations, to ensure that it contributes positively to the goal of enhancing cybersecurity.

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